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L-2-HGA (L-2-Hydroxyglutaric Aciduria)
Ivermectin Sensitivity

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PKD Disease Testing
Chocolate Cinnamon
Parentage verification
Dilute Colour...

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Animal DNA Laboratory is an Australian based company dedicated to providing efficient, affordable and friendly animal DNA testing to breeders and owners throughout the world. The staff of Animal DNA Laboratory have over 20 years experience in providing the highest quality in DNA testing. We specialise in DNA tests for cats and dogs.

We realise that affordable and friendly services are essential when it comes to the animals you love.

We are the preferred testing lab for a number of Associations and Clubs and offer a 10% discount on all tests for Clubs and Associations registered with us.

See our Cat sites for a list of registered Clubs and Associations.

All of our tests are performed on easy-to-collect mouth swabs, which can be supplied to you for a small charge.� If you place an order with us for DNA tests, the swabs will be sent to you for free. The sample swabs can then simply be mailed to us from any where in the world.

Once received in our laboratory, you will receive the test results on your animals usually within 5 working days (please note: parentage testing can take longer to ensure accuracy). If you have any questions relating to DNA testing please Email us, and one of our friendly staff will be only too pleased to answer.

So thank you for taking the time to find out about Animal DNA Laboratory, and we hope you come back soon, because we are here for the animals you love.