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Cat Chocolate / Cinnamon Testing

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Our DNA test identifies carriers of the

  • Chocolate coloration
  • Cinnamon coloration.

Testing for changes in the TYRP1 gene can help breeders more quickly determine the carriers of chocolate or cinnamon coloration, and thus better plan their breeding programs.

Take the guess work out of what you are doing.

More Detailed information on the tests

The typrosinase-related protein-1 (TYRP1) gene affects the amount of black pigment produced in a cat’s hair shaft. DNA changes (mutations) in this gene can lead to changes in coat color from black, to brown or cinnamon.

The normal gene “B” results in black coloration, while the DNA change “b” results in a chocolate/brown (or chestnut) color, while the “bl ” DNA change results in a light brown or cinnamon (red) color. It is important to note that both the “b” and “bl ” alleles are recessive, that is, there must be two copies present for the color to obvious.

Test Result Interpretation

BB = Full color (Black). The cat does not carry brown or cinnamon.

Bb = Full color. The cat is a carrier of brown.

Bb1 = Full color. The cat is a carrier of cinnamon.

bb = Brown (Chocolate)

bb1 = Brown and carrier of cinnamon.

b1b1 = Cinnamon

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