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Cat DNA fingerprint

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The powerful tool of DNA testing now addresses questions relating to the true identity of cats.

The “DNA profile”, or “DNA fingerprint” of a cat is unique (except for identical twins). The same technology is used by law enforcement agencies throughout the world to accurately identify suspects of crime.

breeding associations throughout the world are now relying on DNA profiles to ensure the accuracy of their registries. The test does not identify the breed of the cat.

Animal DNA Laboratory uses multiple genetic markers to determine a cat’s DNA profile. Markers use include, some recommended by the International Society of Animal Genetics and some developed in-house to ensure the greatest level of accuracy. The test result comes as a list of markers that are unique to your cat (except for identical twins).

Applications of DNA testing

  • Positive identification of a cat
  • Confirmation of parentage
  • Multiple sire mating
  • Permanent animal identification record
  • Accurate tracing of pedigrees
  • Bloodstock and breeding registries
  • Semen identity confirmation

A quick and easy mouth swab is used to collect the sample of DNA. Clients will be sent kits free-of-charge, containing swabs and sample collection instructions. Once collected the sample can simply be mailed back to the laboratory. Results will be sent back both electronically and hard-copy within 5-10 working days.

Results of DNA testing are reported as a “Certificate of DNA Profile & Parentage” which can be kept for the life of the animal.

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