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Cat Points Coloration Testing

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Our DNA test identifies carriers of the

  • Siamese pointed coloration
  • Burmese (sepia) coloration.

Testing for these changes can help breeders more quickly determine the carriers of the Siamese or Burmese color, and thus better plan their breeding programs.

Take the guess work out of what you are doing.

More Detailed information on the tests

DNA changes (mutations) in the tyrosinase (TYR) gene are associated with temperature-sensitive pigment production that results in colors known as Burmese or Siamese. In these cases pigment is produced only at the cooler extremities of the body, like face, ear tips, paws and tail tips. This appearance is commonly called “Pointed” or “Himalayan”.

Many breeds, as well as non-purebreds also come with this “pointed” pattern, hence it does not mean the cat is Siamese.

Pointed cats are typically born white, and gradually darken with age. A young pointed cat will have a much lighter body color than an older pointed cat.

The normal dominant gene allele is known a “C”, with the recessive alleles being “cs ” for Siamese and “cb ” for Burmese.

The homozygous cscs reduces pigment across most of the cat. Pigment density in the hair shafts reduces the basic coat color from black/brown to a light beige with dark points.

The homozygous cbcb has a similar but smaller reduction in pigment production, resulting in dark brown or sepia color.

DNA Test

Test Result Interpretation

CC = Full color. The cat does not carry genes for Siamese or Burmese

C/cb = The cat is a carrier of Burmese color.

C/cs = The cat is a carrier of Siamese color point pattern.

cbcb= Burmese

cscs = Siamese

cscb = Mink. A color between Burmese and Siamese. (Tonkinese)

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