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Longhair Shorthair Testing

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The variations in hair length in cats is caused by mutations of the Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 gene(FGF5).

There have been four mutations in the FGF5 gene identified that are associated with long hair in cats.Three of these mutations are relatively breed specific while the fourth is present in all longhair breeds.

Mutation 1 M1
Present in Ragdoll cats 
Mutation 2
M2 Present in Norwegian Forest cats
Mutation 3
M3 Present in Maine Coon and Ragdoll cats
Mutation 4
M4 Present in all breeds of longhair cats including Maine Coon, Ragdoll and Norwegian Forest cats

The Longhair mutations are recessive traits while the Shorthair condition is dominant.(ie 2 copies of the longhair mutation are required for the  longhair trait to manifest).

Our DNA test identifies the longhair mutations on the FGF5 gene. Tests for longhair can help breeders more quickly determine the carriers of the Longhair mutations and thus enable better planning of their breeding programs.

Test Result Interpretation:

N/N: None of the 4 long hair mutations detected. Cat cannot produce long-haired kittens.

N/M1, N/M2, N/M3 or N/M4: Cat can produce short and long-haired kittens depending on genotype of the mate.

M1/M1, M2/M2, M3/M3 or M4/M4: Cat will produce only long-haired kittens when bred to a long-haired mate.

M1/M2, M1/M3, M1/M4, M2/M3, M2/M4, M3/M4: Cat carries two different long hair mutations (compound heterozygote). Cat will produce only long-haired kittens when bred to other long-haired cats.

You can now screen your cat(s) for the Longhair mutations simply by receiving one of our free sample collection kits. These allow you to take a  mouth swab of your cat. The sample can then be sent to our laboratory from anywhere in the world by mail. Once received in our laboratory results will be available within 5- 7 working days.

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